Fitbox Virtual makes it easy to run virtual classes in your fitness centre.
Premium content, and a powerful technology platform that is quick and easy to use.
"FITBOX IS HELPING OUR CLUBS INCREASE GROUPEX ATTENDANCE, AND DRIVE RETENTION." Elaine Denton Group Health and Fitness Support Manager, David Lloyd Leisure
We feature content produced by Les Mills, who are the leading virtual provider in the world today. In addition, we offer premium content collections for Indoor Cycling and Wellbeing studios, so you can add breadth and depth to the range of virtual classes you provide for your members.
Les Mills Virtual covers all the core types of fitness class. Choose from 8 class categories (with a library of over 80 programmes available at any one time) ranging in length from 30 mins to 60 mins, plus new releases updated quarterly.
Some of the world's best virtual cycling videos used by beginners and professional athletes alike. Our indoor Cycling features content from The Sufferest, including 30 internationally renowned competition rides. Sufferfest workout are focused and hard hitting.
Premium virtual content We feature content produced by Les Mills, who are the leading virtual provider in the world today. In addition, we offer premium content collections for Indoor Cycling and Wellbeing studios, so you can add breadth and depth to the range of virtual classes you provide for your members.
There is a growing need for fitness centres to offer classes at times that fit around members’ busy lifestyles. Virtual is the ideal solution, it allows you to be the curators of content, offering greater choice and flexibility - making exercise more accessible.
The FitboxVirtual® Technology Platform has everything you need to schedule and play out virtual classes, plus much more.
The FitboxVirtual® Player is installed in your studio and connects to your projector, your audio system and the internet.
You create your class timetable via the FitboxVirtual® Scheduler - a secure website on which you choose the classes you want to play and when.
  • HD Video projector
  • Sound System - an amp and speakers
  • Internet access - 2Mbs recommended
  • A power supply
  • FitboxVirtual®On Demand - members can read about and activate virtual classes
  • Touchscreen and Digital Signage options - information, timetables, and class booking for your whole fitness centre
1.How does the system work?
The FitboxVirtual® system is very simple. It consists of the FitboxVirtual® Scheduler - an online scheduling application and the FitboxVirtual® Player - a small HD unit that plays out the classes. The FitboxVirtual® Player is installed in, or close to, your studio and is connected to your video projector, audio system and the internet. All the classes are stored on the FitboxVirtual® Player and play out automatically when they are scheduled to do so. The classes are scheduled via the FitboxVirtual® Scheduler, a secure website, which is accessed on the internet. It enables you to select the classes you would like to play and when.
2.Are the videos streamed over the internet?
No, the videos are downloaded over the internet to the FitboxVirtual® Player and stored on the internal hard drive. This means that playback is not reliant on an internet connection.
3.What equipment is provided?
You will be sent a FitboxVirtual® Player (a small HD video player) to playback the virtual classes. Also you will receive a Welcome email detailing your account and login information for access to the FitboxVirtual® Scheduler.
4.What additional audio visual equipment is required?
To present the virtual classes, you will need an HD video projector, an audio system (amplifier and speakers) and a broadband connection. The projector screen should be located in a suitable place where it can display the class videos to everyone in the studio/club area. The audio system should be of a reasonable quality to deliver a good clear sound with obvious bass.
5.Is there a warranty on the hardware?
Yes, the FitboxVirtual® Player is covered by a 24 month warranty. In the event it fails we will provide a hot-swap replacement Player despatched to you within two working days, in exchange for the failed Player.
6.What if I don't have the required audiovisual equipment?
We can recommend an audio visual installation company to you, who will be able to provide and install all the required video and sound equipment. Alternatively, you can source the required equipment from your existing audio visual installation company. We can supply recommended minimum technical specifications.
7.Does the Player need to be switched onall the time?
It is recommended that the FitboxVirtual® Player is left switched on at all times. This will ensure that you receive any pending updates and that it is ready to play classes 24/7.
8.Does the Player need to be authenticated to play content?
Yes, when the FitboxVirtual® Player connects to the FitboxVirtual® Scheduler it is authenticated and updated with a valid subscription key. If the FitboxVirtual® Player is disconnected from the internet and unable to authenticate with the server for an extended period of time, it will become automatically disabled. No classes will be played until the FitboxVirtual® Player is authenticated again.
9.How many Classes can I schedule?
There is no limit to the number of classes that can be scheduled within the system. The only restriction is that classes cannot be scheduled to start whilst another is already playing i.e. classes cannot overlap.
10.Can I schedule a class to run on a specific date?
Yes, you can schedule specific classes to run on specific dates - for example on Bank Holidays or Open Days when a different schedule is required. However, the usual way is to set up a weekly Timetable to play out the same classes each week.
11.Can I manage multiple studios from one log-in?
Yes, the schedule of one or more FitboxVirtual® Players within the same fitness centre can be controlled from one log-in.
12.Can I manage multiple sites from one log-in?
Currently the system requires a log-in per site, however we are currently developing the facility to manage multiple sites with a single login. If you require this option, please contact us.
13.Can I 'connect' it to my existing studio scheduling systems?
Yes, this can be achieved via the FitboxVirtual® API facility. If you require this option, please contact us.
14.How can I tell what's being scheduled?
Each time a class is played the FitboxVirtual® Player logs the date and time it occurred and sends the information back to the central servers. A reporting tool within the FitboxVirtual® Scheduler system is currently being developed that will analyse this data and provide usage information. Please contact us for more information.
15.Do I need to install any software?
No, the FitboxVirtual® Scheduler is entirely hosted on the internet and provided as a service. Therefore all updates, back-ups and maintenance are carried out by us. There is no need to install any software or provide any servers to use this facility.
16.Which internet browser software isrequired?
The FitboxVirtual® Scheduler uses up-to-date browser technology to provide a simple, easy to use interface. Therefore it relies on the latest internet browsers to work correctly. These browsers are Firefox v28.0+, Internet Explorer v9.0+ and Chrome v34.x+. If you use an older browser, you may experience a few issues with the layout and functionality.
17.What staff training is required?
Not much training is required. The FitboxVirtual® Scheduler is designed to be very easy and quick to use. A short training video shows how to use the FitboxVirtual® Scheduler. No other training should be required.
18.What happens if it doesn't work?
In the unlikely event that the system stops working, you can call the FitboxVirtual® support desk, either by phone or email. The details are as follows:

Support Desk hotline: 0845 873 8180
Email: support@fitboxvirtual.com

The support desk will run through some simple checks with you to diagnose the issue. The team can 'dial' into the FitboxVirtual® Player and resolve the issue if necessary. If the diagnosis is a fault with the FitboxVirtual® Player itself, we can despatch its replacement within two working days.
19.How often are new Les Mills™ Virtual Classes received?
The class content is updated on a quarterly basis. As long as the FitboxVirtual® Player is connected to the internet, the new releases will be automatically downloaded and stored on the FitboxVirtual® Player ready to appear in your Timetable. Where you have set up your Timetable to always play the latest release of a class, then you won't need to do any further scheduling, the FitboxVirtual® Player will simply play the latest release automatically. If for any reason the FitboxVirtual® Player is disconnected from the internet, the automatic updates will not happen until it is reconnected.
20.Are older Les Mills™ classes also available?
Yes, you will have access to certain previous releases of the LES MILLSTM Virtual classes depending on the type of package you have subscribed to with LES MILLSTM. You can schedule the classes available to play out as you wish.
21.Does FitboxVirtual® only have Les Mills™ content available?
FitboxVirtual® has been designed to complement the LES MILLSTM range of classes. Currently these are the only classes that are automatically distributed. If you require content from another source, please contact us.
"A GREAT SALES & RETENTION TOOL" Daniel Carvell Regional Fitness Manager, Everyone Active
“Fitbox Virtual is helping David Lloyd Clubs increase group exercise attendance and drive retention”
Marie Graham, Group Exercise Product Development Manager, David Lloyd Leisure
“We chose FitboxVirtual after trying a number of possible solutions. The technology is flexible and reliable, and the support from the team with installations, on-going user training and advice has been particularly impressive.”
Mark Talley, Group Fitness Development Manager, Everyone Active Group
“FitboxVirtual is a great platform that provides a flexible, convenient, quality virtual product that suits the corporate world.”
Jon Mann, Project Director Corporate Wellbeing, Nuffield Health
“FitboxVirtual is a great sales & retention tool for the sites. A great way of offering more classes to more members”
Daniel Carvell, Regional Fitness Manager, Everyone Active
“Fitbox is a great technology partner for Les Mills Virtual. The platform is designed for successful virtual delivery for fitness clubs, hotels and spas“
Nate Garven, Product Manager, Les Mills Virtual, Les Mills International
“FitboxVirtual has introduced new people and demographics into the studio that had never entered before.”
Andy Logan, National Operations Manager, The Village-Hotels
“FitboxVirtual is great: it’s very easy to use and the team behind it are so supportive.”
Lydia Baines, General Manager, Blunsdon Fitness+
“Virtual appeals to all members and really work as a convenient solution that fits around them, our members love the flexibility of Virtual.”
Stephanie Heath, Fitness Product Development Manager, Everyone Active Group
We can liaise with your existing technical teams and AV installation partners.
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